English Organic Forum sets out Nine Point Plan for Farming & Food

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23rd February 2021
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2nd March 2021

The English Organic Forum (EOF), of which The Biodynamic Association is a member, has set out a nine point plan for the future of Organic Farming and Food post Brexit.

The plan is published in a new report, “Why Organic? Contributing Productively to Future Farming and Policy.” The Forum is seeking to outline how the UK Government can integrate organic land management into England’s agricultural policy in the forthcoming Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme.

Right at the top of the EOF’s nine recommendations is for organic to be explictly included in the ELM. Almost unbelievably at present, the term organic does not feature in Defra policy proposals, despite research showing proven delivery of the Government’s six “public goods” by organic farmers and growers!

Read the English Organic Forum’s full report and recommendations here.