Revolutionary Research Reveals Science behind Biodynamic Horn Manure

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23rd February 2021
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23rd February 2021

Italian researchers have finaly published the results from a long awaited study into the microbial interactions that occur in the biodynamic horn manure preparation.

Skeptics have long wondered why the Horn Manure, a keystone of soil restoration in biodynamic farming, is obtained by an underground fermentation (burying) of cow faecal material incubated in cow horns. Now, this ground breaking research reveals for the first time the science behind the alchemy that occurs in the horn containter.

Their study suggests a rational interactional link between the keratin of the horn and the beneficial bacterial and fungal communities in the manure. In essence, the fermentation in the keratin supercharges the good microbes, producing a manure that in turn helps supercharge and restore the soil life. A soil version of the probiotic drink you might take to improve the bacterial microbiome in your own body for better health.

You can read the full scientific paper here.

You can read the study’s Supplementary Information published by the research team here.