Sam Neill’s Biodynamic Wine, “soil health is extremely important to us.”

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23rd February 2021
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15th March 2021

Sam Neill is another globasl superstar producing biodynamic wine, like Cameron Diaz and Sting. When not making Hollywood blockbusters, Neill is at home in New Zealand tending to his biodynamic farm and winery, Two Paddocks, where he is well know for naming various farm animals after acting colleagues!

But Two Paddocks is also a well-regarded biodynamic and organic winery. “I had never wanted to produce anything that was just plunk” says Sam Neill. “I wanted to produce the best wine in the world, basically. And I think I’m getting pretty close.”

Neill says that while soil health is extremely important, he is not completely wedded to biodynamics. “We certainly think a lot of biodynamics is useful, especially in the preps that we put on the vines.” But he remains a skeptic when it comes to the cow horn. Although he may now have to change his mind on that, following the latest research, revealing the science behind the microbial interactions that occur in the biodynamic horn manure preparation for the first time!

Read the full Sam Neill interview with Ryan Grim in Food and Wine Magazine here. (Picture: Christopher David Thompson).