Communicating and Co-creating with the World of Nature Spirits – Stage II: 13th- 15th Oct 2023 with Susan Raven, Wales

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Communicating and Co-creating with the World of Nature Spirits – Stage II: 13th- 15th Oct 2023 with Susan Raven, Wales

October 13 @ 5:00 pm - October 15 @ 1:00 pm

A workshop with Susan Raven at The Urdd Centre, Pentre Ifan, Pembrokeshire.
On the weekend of the 13 th – 15th of October 2023

(This course is open to participants who have completed a Stage 1 course, and to those who are following a regular spiritual practice in Nature)

“Knowledge will take us up to a point, imagination will take us everywhere. Creation sighs for a new creative human.”
Dorian Schmidt, director of the Biodynamic Research Institute

As human beings, we incarnate into a whole field of relationship and connectedness with the beings of Nature, but most of us are unaware of this vibrant field. The nature spirits and elementals are part of the natural order of things and they are active within an eco-system parallel to the physical ecology we are all familiar with. At this time in our evolution, it is vital that we repair our connection with their world and begin to create a field of harmonic inter-relationship and co-creativity.

“Nature groans under the travail of waiting for us to participate. People used to live in the ‘Will of Nature’. We don’t. Our magic is… push the button and it happens and who cares! We pass the implications of this on to the Earth. We need imaginative forces to solve these problems, and the schooling of the heart means we learn to think and work with living pictures.”
Denis Klocek, Director of Consciousness Studies, Rudolf Steiner College, USA.

There is an intelligence in everything around us; and with interest, reverence and wonder we can access the pure wisdom of nature’s phenomena. When we learn to use the heart field to engage in a direct exchange of meaning, without the intermediary of biased mental languaging, we can allow the beings of nature to speak in their own terms. A collaboration between nature spirits and humans will bring about a co-creation of new ideas and visions for the future.

At this gathering in the beautiful environs of The Urdd Centre and the ancient Ty Canol woods in West Wales, we will be exploring the methods used for seership and communication described by the philosopher, scientist and seer, Rudolf Steiner. We will be focusing on ways in which we can build a line of communication with the nature spirits, in order that we may receive information and insight into their world. By working together with the elementals – which reside in earth, water, air and fire – we can become responsible co-creators at this critical time in our evolution. In this workshop, Susan will be describing the activities of the nature spirits in the landscape and in the human being. We will be looking at ways in which we can effectively help these generous inhabitants of the supersensible realm for the ultimate benefit of us all.

Nature speaks and everything in Nature is communicable. The intelligent beings of Nature wish to communicate and co-create with an awake and aware humanity. So how do we contact them? How do we learn from them? How do we enter the dream time of their world? How do we interpret the sensations we experience with them? And how do we begin to co-create with them?

During this course, we will be exploring more of the exercises described by Rudolf Steiner aimed at awakening our dormant capacities of supersensible perception.

Co-operation between ourselves and the nature spirits through methodologies like ‘Word Meditations’, ‘Plant/phenomena Spirit Protocols’, eurythmy and focused ceremony, can take us beyond standard scientific research methods. Our task is to explore the landscape of the supersensible dimensions and to recognise (and respond with) the elemental vocabulary of colour, vibration, movement, mood, feeling-tones and symbology.

For further information about the course and to book a place, please contact Susan at the following email address:


Workshop fee: £130 early booking is recommended as places are limited.

This price includes delicious organic, home-cooked meals by super-cook Vivienne Collins and also includes basic shared accommodation. To view the location and venue please click on the following link:

Susan Raven is an experienced workshop facilitator and a long-time student of Anthroposophy. She has worked with the methods and exercises described by Rudolf Steiner for seeing into the supersensible realms and has also trained with Dorian Schmidt, director of the Biodynamic Research Institute. Susan is the author of the popular book ‘Nature Spirits: The Remembrance: A Guide to the Elemental Kingdom’, featured in the Cygnus magazine, Nexus, Star & Furrow and Caduceus.

“Your workshops have real substance!”
“Inspiring, fascinating, it opened up the potential for doing something
really useful in the world.”
“Susan is providing such a high level of reinforcement for all we have seen, sensed and co-created with Spirit. I will be going over and over her writings in her book, so that I can find as clear a way as possible into the
kingdoms with whom we are sharing this life.”


October 13 @ 5:00 pm
October 15 @ 1:00 pm