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1st February 2022
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5th April 2022
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Biodynamic Preparations – Heart and soul of biodynamics


Introducing the NEW colour guide to the biodynamic preparations

Biodynamic preparations lie at the heart of successful biodynamic farming and gardening. Made from specially prepared natural ingredients, their function is to optimise soil and plant health and vitality.

Our new handy reference guide* explains all about these fascinating ‘vitalisers’ which will help you enrich your soils and grow strong, healthy, nutritious plants and crops.

  • Includes 9 key biodynamic preparations and how to make biodynamic compost
  • Essential know-how of when and how to use them.
  • Beautifully presented, with clear photographs
  • Slim. lightweight, perfect for the potting shed, coffee table or bookshelf
* abridged and edited from Dorling Kindersley  Biodynamic Gardening

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This illustrated booklet is taken from extracts from the popular ” Biodynamic Gardening” by Monty Waldin / Dorling Kindersley.  It has been abridged and edited by Lynda Brown of the Biodynamic Association.

It provides an introduction and insights for gardeners and others curious to find out about biodynamic preparations, what they are,  how they work and how to use them.  It covers the following preparations:  Horn Manure and Horn Silica, the six compost preparations, and equisetum.



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