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10th March 2017
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10th March 2017
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Nutrition: Food, Health and Spiritual Development, R Steiner


In this carefully collated anthology, with an introduction, commentary and notes by Christian von Arnim, Rudolf Steiner considers nutrition in the light of his spiritual-scientific research.

He explains the impact of raw food, vegetarian and meat diets, the effects of protein, fats, carbohydrates and salts, individual foodstuffs such as potatoes, beetroots and radishes, as well as the impact of alcohol and nicotine.

His insights are vital to anybody with a serious interest in health, diet and spiritual development.

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Our instinctive knowledge of which foods are helpful and which are harmful appears increasingly to be fading.
We are bombarded with advice, information and prescriptions as to what we should eat and drink, but the issues surrounding nutrition – questions of health, diet, taste, even ecology and sustainability – remain largely unresolved.

Unlike most commentators on this subject, Rudolf Steiner tackles the theme of nutrition in a refreshingly open way. At no point does he try to tell us what we should or should not be putting into our bodies – whether with regard to an omnivorous or vegetarian diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, and so on.

The job of the scientist, he says, is to explain how things act and what effect they have; what people do with that information is up to them. However, he emphasizes that our diet not only determines our physical well-being, but can also promote or hinder our inner spiritual development.


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