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2nd April 2020
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19th January 2021
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Sensitive Beekeeping – Practicing Vulnerability and Nonviolence with your Backyard Beehive, Jack Bresette Mills


An approach to small-scale beekeeping which results in healthier, more sustainable hives and a physically, mentally and spiritually transformed beekeeper.

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You might have heard that bees are in trouble — but in fact, the trouble is coming our way too and bees are just showing it first. The looming environmental crisis means that, as a result of modern agricultural practices and pesticide,s we may well fail to prevent honeybee collapse.

Honeybees are vital to the health of our planet, and this book is designed to equip and encourage small-scale backyard beekeepers — who may end up having the only strong, healthy honeybees left.

An expert beekeeper, Jack Bresette-Mills calls his approach ‘sensitive beekeeping’. He promotes beekeeping without fear, beekeeping for the sake of the bee rather than for profit, and learning to answer your own questions about beekeeping. It’s an approach that takes time, practice and patience to develop, and requires physical, mental and spiritual transformation. In the long run though, it results in healthier, sustainable hives and a happier beekeeper.

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