Voices from the biodynamic field championing health

Food, Farming and the Climate Crisis
17th September 2019
Regenerative Biodynamic Agriculture in 2019 can be seen as a revolution
24th September 2019

Marina and Mark O’Connell from The Apricot Centre, at the Biodynamic Land Trust’s Huxhams Cross Farm, featured in recent research by the Centre for Food Policy, in collaboration with the RSA’s Food, Farming and Countryside Commission, asking a range of farmers whether, and in what ways, human health featured in their work.

Human health is not prioritised in current agriculture policy, yet Farmers’ choices about what they produce and the methods they use, and the policies that frame these decisions, have enormous potential either to improve or to undermine public health.

You can download Dr Rosalind Sharpe’s full report here, with Marina and Mark talking about integrating therapy into their biodynamic farming activities on page 32.