Biodynamic Association

27th April 2016

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Some exciting news
26th April 2016

Biodynamic research

Rudolf Steiner, whose agricultural lectures in 1924 gave birth to the biodynamic movement was a scientist as well as a philosopher and spiritualist. He emphasized that […]
26th April 2016

The biodynamic sowing and planting calendar

We are dependent on both the sun and the moon for life on earth, and since time began, both have held a profoundly symbolic importance for […]
26th April 2016

The spray preparations

These are field sprays made from cow manure and quartz meal, known respectively as ‘Horn Manure’ and ‘Horn Silica’. Horn Manure is cow manure that has […]
26th April 2016

Biodynamic viticulture: the basics

In viticulture, two separate processes are involved, growing the grapes, and making the wine. Grapes: The same rules of growing biodynamic grapes are followed as for […]
26th April 2016

Sample Story

This is a sample story, it is great publicity.
26th April 2016

Why are cows’ horns important?

Most breeds of cattle naturally develop horns, which continue to grow throughout their lives and contribute to their overall health. Like our fingers, they represent a […]