Biodynamic Association

3rd May 2016

Biodynamics from a Quantum Perspective

Biodynamic practice is an individual affair subject to complex variables, and results are not guaranteed. Despite many guidelines, the responsibility for success lies with the enthusiasm […]
27th April 2016

The compost preparations

compost preparations These are made from six well known medicinal plants – yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak, dandelion and valerian. Their specific properties are enhanced […]
27th April 2016


Historically, in the UK, seed was produced by small local seed companies. Many farmers, throughout the world, also practised seed saving, and relied on their own […]
27th April 2016

Modern bee keeping – what’s wrong?

Much of modern beekeeping, like intensive farming, is geared to maximum production, and, like modern agriculture, its husbandry relies on chemical solutions to man-made problems. This […]
26th April 2016

Biodynamic research

Rudolf Steiner, whose agricultural lectures in 1924 gave birth to the biodynamic movement was a scientist as well as a philosopher and spiritualist. He emphasized that […]